10 May

The F Word

Nope, not that F word. This F word is flexible, from a running gag with a friend who shared a Balinese adventure with me years ago. The erstwhile leader of our trip was not a strong manager, to put it mildly, and kept telling the group to “be flexible” whenever she didn’t keep to the […]

19 Apr

Random Walking

As in last year’s post about fidgeting and health, it appears there is solid research to support my notion that wandering helps creativity. Regular readers know my habit when traveling is to walk for hours, taking photos that later serve as reference material in my painting studio. And when I paint, my habit is to […]

04 Apr

Getting Emotional

Contrary to popular belief, getting emotional is not a bad thing. Which emotion, and, more importantly, what label you put on it when your brain decides what you are feeling, is what matters.  The ability to identify, harness and express those feelings at the appropriate time, in the appropriate amount, to the appropriate person, constitutes […]

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