18 Oct

Expressionistic Colorscapes

People often ask what style my paintings are and I sometimes stumble to explain. Expressionistic colorscapes is the phrase I've coined, but it usually requires clarification. In a nutshell, I try to show how a particular experience or place felt, versus simply showing what my camera saw. Expressionism ls a style of art, like Impressionism or Realism. Impressionism uses […]

01 Oct

The Walgreens Rule

This year's trip to Havana, Cuba, introduced us to a beautiful (though deteriorated) city, filled with color, music and creativity. We had the opportunity to visit artists' studios and learn about the gallery scene, exhibit opportunities and their challenges in obtaining supplies. One artist's Seattle-raised fiancee explained her "Walgreens Rule" to us: if you can […]

14 Sep

The Traveling Diet

Besides the obvious benefits – fascinating cultures, scenery, architecture, history, art, and novel experiences with story telling rights – travel can also be good for you in the food department. Who knew? It's a bit counter-intuitive, but an article in my MD's newsletter convinced me I can vouch for at least Europe and South America – no diet needed! Got […]

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